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How to create Slax modules

Create new modules

There are many ways how to create Slax modules. All commands described here work directly in Slax, but can also work in your own distribution. For that case, download linux-live scripts and run ./install. Get Linux-Live scripts here.

The following command will convert Slackware's TGZ package to Slax module:

tgz2lzm software.tgz software.lzm

If you wish to modify your Slackware package before the module is created, use:

installpkg -root /tmp/aaaa software.tgz

It will install your TGZ package in different root (/tmp/aaaa here). Modify the files you need and finally convert the directory tree to a module by using:

dir2lzm /tmp/aaaa software.lzm


Modify existing modules

The following command will extract content of your Slax module to a directory in /tmp/aaaa:

mkdir /tmp/aaaa
lzm2dir software.lzm /tmp/aaaa

Make sure you have enough free space there. When the module is extracted, you can modify everything in /tmp/aaaa/, and when done, pack the module back to the .lzm format by using:

dir2lzm /tmp/aaaa software.lzm

If you just wish to browse the content of a module (without extracting it to disk), you may mount it by using the following command:

mkdir /mnt/aaaa
mount -t squashfs -o loop /path/software.lzm /mnt/aaaa

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