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How to customize Slax

How to add just few files to Slax

The best method of modifying Slax is to create a Slax module (.lzm). But in some cases, you may need just to add few small files to Slax, like your own wallpaper or own startup script. For that purpose, Slax contains a directory /slax/rootcopy/. The content of this directory is copied to root filesystem each time you boot Slax, preserving all subdirectories. So, for example, if you wish to just use your own wallpaper instead of the one in Slax, create a directory /slax/rootcopy/usr/share/wallpapers/ and save your own variant of slax-wallpaper.jpg there. When Slax boots, it will copy this file over the one in Slax.

Make sure to preserve the case, because all files and directories are case-sensitive. If you do this in Windows, some file managers will not show you correct case, so you may need to use the original Windows' explorer.

If you are using Slax for USB, simply create your directories and files on your device. But if you use Slax for CD, you will need to copy the content of your CD somewhere first, then make your modifications and finally recreate a new ISO. How to do the later is described below.


How to modify Slax ISO

First, copy entire CD to harddisk. Then modify everything you need, add or remove files, directories or modules. When done, start the following command to rebuild Slax CD (create an ISO):

cd /your_slax_directory/
./ /tmp/new-slax.iso

If you are working under Windows, execute the following command instead:

cd c:\your_slax_directory\
make_iso.bat c:\new-slax.iso

A new bootable ISO will be created with all your modifications.

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