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Using Slax modules

If you need your modules often

If you need your modules almost every time when you run Slax, store them in /slax/modules/ directory of your Slax CD or USB disk. This way the module will be automatically activated during boot procedure.

If you wish to use your modules only sometimes, store them in /slax/optional/ directory (or its subdirectories) on Slax CD or USB disk. Every time you need your module, specify it's name in the load= boot parameter. For example:

boot: slax load=wine,graphics

This can mean: use module /slax/optional/wine.lzm and all the .lzm modules from /slax/optional/graphics/ subdirectory. Requests for non-existing modules or directories are silently ignored. To remove a module, simply delete it from disk or CD.


If you need to use the module after Slax is started

All the methods described above require you to restart Slax every time you wish to add or remove additional modules. A more comfortable way is to manage modules on the fly, while Slax is running. You can either start the Slax Module Manager (located in 'System' menu), or you can use 'activate' and 'deactivate' commands manually. Syntax is following:

activate /path/firefox.lzm
deactivate firefox.lzm

The module will be activated on the fly and the application will look like installed. Then, you will need to start the application by appropriate command, or find it in the KDE menu.

If you are not comfortable using the commands, simply doubleclick your module.lzm in a file manager (for example in konqueror), this will do the trick as well.

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