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Meet other Slax users in the Forum. Feel free to ask, answer and chat. All people are allowed to post replies even without registration, but only registered users can create new topics. The only language allowed in the forum is English. It's a rule. If you disobey this rule, others will ignore you.

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Help me make Slax even better please. If you found a bug and you know how to fix it, submit your fix here. You must be able to provide accurate description of the problem and a very clever solution. If you found a bug but you have no idea how to fix it, don't post here please. Remember that this place is not for questions.

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My name is Tomas M. I'm the chairman of the Slax project. You may contact me directly by e-mail. Write to tomas at slax dot org. Your message has to be written in English, as I won't understand emails in other languages. If you have a general question about Slax, don't write me this way please. You have far better chances to get reply in the Forum; I answer questions there as well, so we may meet there too.

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