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 Slax development restarted Tomas M 79 129 days ago
by PaulRichards
 Slax 7 progress Tomas M 40 133 days ago
by MikeEvans
General chat about everythingAuthorRepliesLast post
 videolan vlc slperri 79 1 day ago
by titusngtszhin
 failed to load com32 file /slax/boot/vesamenu.c32 sorajio 8 3 days ago
by no luck
 failed to load com32 file /slax/boot/vesamenu.c32 lenny00nix 17 3 days ago
by no luck
 How to remove part of kde...possible? rinox 2 6 days ago
by pfish
 slax 7, bluetooth, obex protocol mhrodri 0 7 days ago
by mhrodri
 Boot error -- "could not find kernel image: linux Lugo 26 7 days ago
by forum
 Slax can access windows account without password! hotdawg 21 10 days ago
by Korence
 Slax Download Alternatives johndoe32102002 6 15 days ago
by WaxFalcon
 How install slax 7 on hard disk? dariussebyy 7 23 days ago
by pfish
 Cannot run Slax on Asus netbook derbear 3 31 days ago
by pfish
 Headphone not working sach_nyc 1 32 days ago
by jcsoh
 How to install Wireless Device driver dudiefatee 16 33 days ago
by nitin
 slax install from hdd parition fail dnd2001 2 37 days ago
by dnd2001
 Monitor Dims when I watch videos elfmagic 2 41 days ago
by elfmagic
 ASUS 1005HA netbook Slax and windows xp dual boot TellVilmos 4 43 days ago
by pfish
 Still wandering how to get a printer to work in Sl sjanklootuitamersfoort 1 43 days ago
by pfish
 Can't find script elfmagic 7 43 days ago
by elfmagic
 Module requirement benni 8 45 days ago
by davidsmith01
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