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Gspca module

wrote 8 years ago

I made a gspcav1-20070508_2.6.23.1_smp-i486-2.lzm from the original Slackware gspcav1-20070508_2.6.23.1_smp-i486-2.tgz
It was a simple way to discover how to make .lzm's
I put it in /slax/base/, as it is a kernel dependency, and it worked at once. The only problem is that Kopete sometimes hangs the system when I configure the video peripheral. It works, but it seems to be a bit unstable.
Did I do something wrong?
wrote 8 years ago

The gspcav1 kernel-module is integrated in slax6 by default, so there is no need to use some other module to add support for those webcams.
Tomas M
wrote 8 years ago

Try to check 'workaround broken drivers' in the device configuration in kopete.

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