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Cannot run Slax on Asus netbook

wrote 348 days ago

I downloaded Slax along with UNetbootin to make a USB boot disk for the netbook. When I power on the Netbook and hit ESC it comes up with UNetbootin heading with 3 entries below::
Run Slax
(*) Act as PXE server

I arrow down to Run Slax and hit enter but nothing happes.
Any ideas
wrote 347 days ago

HI derbear,

You might try installing Slax onto your drive without using the UNetbootin tool. Its pretty easy to install following the instructions on the Slax site.

This works pretty well in Windows if you have a FAT formatted drive. If you want to do a Linux formatted drive like ext4 you will need a Linux to do this install, but ti is still relatively straight forward.
wrote 346 days ago

Thanks. But I really do not want to install on the hard drive. I would rather run from the USB as you are supposed to.
wrote 335 days ago


Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I wasn't telling to to install SLAX to your hard drive, I'm sorry if it came across that way. SLAX is meant to be installed on a USB like you are trying to do and has a built in way of doing so without the Unetbootin tool. In my experience Untebootin is a great tool for making more traditional Distros run on a flash drive, but it only makes things more complicated when using SLAX .

If you read through the documentation it's pretty easy to do. Basically unzip the appropriate download folder to the flash drive you want SLAX on and run the .bat file as an admin. That's it nothing special.

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