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How to remove part of kde...possible?

wrote 311 days ago

Hi to all, I simply love Slax and I would like to make it better for my needs.
For example I saw that Kde use more memory than system, there's a way to remove upper left instruments fence? I will gain some memory? Or in general someone can tell me how to reduce Kde memory usage, I need only base functionality. Thank you in advantage.
wrote 310 days ago

Try Porteus instead. It is modular in a very logical manner, you only need to use the modules you want, e.g., you can easily leave out KDE and X.
wrote 310 days ago


First I want to make a disclaimer, I am beginner linux user, though I love SLAX and have used in off and on for several years now.

Tomas worked to reduce the size of kde before creating the module that is default. There are a few options if you want to reduce it further.

Option 1: Fiddle with kde settings and such.
This could be enough, but I'm not sure what your goals are for memory. This option may or may not meet your goals.

Option 2: Replace kde with another desktop environment.

You can remove kde easy enough, simply delete the kde module(s), that won't leave you with a desktop environment however. So if you want a desktop enviorment to need something to replace kde with. There are modules for the E17 desktop on the SLAX website, but they are a bit buggy (it doesn't like to start up on its own). Also there are modules for Gnome and razerqt, but I haven't tried them.

You could also create a module for a lighter weight desktop like LXDE or XFCE. The method for doing this is not too complicated for a person with some linux background, but may be challenging for a beginner.

I believe the method is basically these steps:

Install all the required software and dependencies (from a Slackware repository) into a temporary directory
Remove any unnecessary files (documentation, redundant dependencies, etc.)
Navigate in a terminal to the temporary directory
Run the dir2sb command
Copy the new .sb file to your modules folder
Activate the module or restart

This could also be done with kde if you wanted to use a newer/more custom version.

I hope this helps. I personally am using a set of modules for a MATE desktop that jcosh sent me a couple years back. I like it better than the kde that is default. There are a bunch of modules he and quaxx built that you can download. I don't know if they have any DEs uploaded but you might look.

Here's a link to the first set of his modules:

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