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Linux DVB API applications and utilities.

All applications support the DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, and ATSC standards.

Main User Applications:
util/scan - Scan for channels on your digital TV device.
util/gnutv - Tune, watch and stream your TV.

General Utilities:
util/dvbdate - Set your clock from digital TV.
util/dvbnet - Control digital data network interfaces.
util/dvbtraffic - Monitor traffic on a digital device.
util/femon - Monitor the tuning on a digital TV device.
util/zap - *Just* tunes a digital device - really intended for developers.

Hardware Specific Utilities:
util/av7110_loadkeys - Load remote keys into an av7110 based card
util/dib3000-watch - Monitor DIB3000 demodulators
util/dst-utils - Utilities for DST based cards.
util/ttusb_dec_reset - Reset a TechnoTrends TTUSB DEC device.

lib/libdvbapi - Interface library to digital TV devices.
lib/libdvbcfg - Library to parse/create digital TV channel configuration files.
lib/libdvbsec - Library for Satellite Equipment Control operations.
lib/libucsi - Fast MPEG2 Transport Stream SI table parsing library.
lib/libdvben50221- Complete implementation of a Cenelec EN 50221 CAM stack.
lib/libdvbmisc - Miscellaneous utilities used by the other libraries.

Пробовал утилитой szap залочить сигнал с Sirius 5E.
Создал (по правилам конечно) файл channels.conf под транспондер на который у меня настроена антенна с содержанием:

(название:частота:поляризация:diseqc:символьная скорость:V-pid:A-pid:SID)

Скопировал данный файл в каталог etc и залочил сигнал командой:
root@slax:~# /usr/bin/szap -c /etc/channels.conf -n 1
reading channels from file '/etc/channels.conf'
zapping to 1 'ST':
sat 0, frequency = 12073 MHz H, symbolrate 27500000, vpid = 0x1fff, apid = 0x1fff sid = 0x0000
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
status 00 | signal 9f9f | snr 0404 | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 |
status 1f | signal c7c7 | snr eaea | ber 00000000 | unc 00000006 | FE_HAS_LOCK
status 1f | signal c7c7 | snr ebeb | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 | FE_HAS_LOCK
status 1f | signal c7c7 | snr ebeb | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 | FE_HAS_LOCK
status 1f | signal c7c7 | snr ebeb | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 | FE_HAS_LOCK

root@slax:~# femon -H
FE: Philips TDA10086 DVB-S (DVBS)
status SCVYL | signal 78% | snr 92% | ber 0 | unc 6 | FE_HAS_LOCK
status SCVYL | signal 78% | snr 92% | ber 0 | unc 0 | FE_HAS_LOCK
status SCVYL | signal 78% | snr 92% | ber 0 | unc 0 | FE_HAS_LOCK
status SCVYL | signal 78% | snr 92% | ber 0 | unc 0 | FE_HAS_LOCK

root@slax:~# dvbdate --help

dvbdate [-a] [-p] [-s] [-f] [-q] [-h] [-t n]
--adapter (adapter to use, default: 0)
--print (print current time, received time and delta)
--set (set the system clock to received time)
--force (force the setting of the clock)
--quiet (be silent)
--help (display this message)
--timeout n (max seconds to wait, default: 25)
root@slax:~# dvbdate set
Tue Jan 12 09:15:29 2010

usage: scan [options...] [-c | initial-tuning-data-file]
atsc/dvbscan doesn't do frequency scans, hence it needs initial
tuning data for at least one transponder/channel.
-c scan on currently tuned transponder only
-v verbose (repeat for more)
-q quiet (repeat for less)
-a N use DVB /dev/dvb/adapterN/
-f N use DVB /dev/dvb/adapter?/frontendN
-d N use DVB /dev/dvb/adapter?/demuxN
-s N use DiSEqC switch position N (DVB-S only)
-i N spectral inversion setting (0: off, 1: on, 2: auto [default])
-n evaluate NIT-other for full network scan (slow!)
-5 multiply all filter timeouts by factor 5
for non-DVB-compliant section repitition rates
-o fmt output format: 'zap' (default), 'vdr' or 'pids' (default with -c )
-x N Conditional Access, (default -1)
N=0 gets only FTA channels
N=-1 gets all channels
N=xxx sets ca field in vdr output to :xxx:
-t N Service select, Combined bitfield parameter.
1 = TV, 2 = Radio, 4 = Other, (default 7)
-p for vdr output format: dump provider name
-e N VDR version, default 3 for VDR-1.3.x and newer
value 2 sets NIT and TID to zero
Vdr version 1.3.x and up implies -p.
-l lnb-type (DVB-S Only) (use -l help to print types) or
-l low[,high[,switch]] in Mhz
-u UK DVB-T Freeview channel numbering for VDR

-P do not use ATSC PSIP tables for scanning
(but only PAT and PMT) (applies for ATSC only)
-A N check for ATSC 1=Terrestrial [default], 2=Cable or 3=both
-U Uniquely name unknown services
root@slax:~# scan -c
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
0x0000 0x1964: pmt_pid 0x1964 Svitle Radio -- Emmanuel (running)
0x0000 0x196e: pmt_pid 0x196e News One -- NEWS ONE (running)
0x0000 0x1982: pmt_pid 0x1982 RU Music -- RU MUSIC (running)
0x0000 0x198c: pmt_pid 0x198c Studio 1+1 -- 1+1 International (running, scrambled)
0x0000 0x1996: pmt_pid 0x1996 SCI -- SCI (running)
0x0000 0x19a0: pmt_pid 0x19a0 Star TV UKR -- Star TV UKR (running)
0x0000 0x19aa: pmt_pid 0x19aa OSK -- OSK-Odessa (running)
0x0000 0x19af: pmt_pid 0x19af ENGLISH CLUB -- ENGLISH CLUB TV (running, scrambled)
0x0000 0x19b4: pmt_pid 0x19b4 TV-100 -- UBC (running)
0x0000 0x19b9: pmt_pid 0x19b9 VIASAT.UA -- UT1 (running, scrambled)
0x0000 0x19be: pmt_pid 0x19be SHOPping TV -- SHOPping TV (running)
dumping lists (11 services)
Emmanuel (0x1964) 02: PCR == A A 0x1965 (ukr)
NEWS ONE (0x196e) 01: PCR == V V 0x196f A 0x1970
RU MUSIC (0x1982) 01: PCR == V V 0x1983 A 0x1984
1+1 International (0x198c) 01: PCR == V V 0x198d A 0x198e (ukr)
SCI (0x1996) 01: PCR == V V 0x1997 A 0x1998 (ukr) 0x199a (eng) 0x1999 (rus) 0x199b (org)
Star TV UKR (0x19a0) 01: PCR == V V 0x19a1 A 0x19a2 (ukr)
OSK-Odessa (0x19aa) 01: PCR == V V 0x19ab A 0x19ac (eng)
ENGLISH CLUB TV (0x19af) 01: PCR == V V 0x19b0 A 0x19b1 0x19b2
UBC (0x19b4) 01: PCR == V V 0x19b5 A 0x19b6 (ukr)
UT1 (0x19b9) 01: PCR == V V 0x19ba A 0x19bb (ukr)
SHOPping TV (0x19be) 01: PCR == V V 0x19bf A 0x19c0


This module requires:
Slax Core 6.1.2


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