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Enlightenment DR16 1.0.9

Warning: This module is not verified yet and thus it is not recommended to use it. Do not trust it until it is reviewed. That can take several days or even months, so please be patient.
Enlightenment DR16 1.0.9
Uploaded by Kaso_Da_Zmok
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The Enlightenment DR16 Window Manager is a robust, flexible, highly configurable, graphically rich yet unobtrusive desktop environment for the X11 windowing system.

Some instructions:

Depends on libimlib2 so get that module too.

Add the module and End the Current Session. In the kdm login screen select e16 in the Menu > Session. Assuming that the convenience of root auto login is disabled in the Control Center. enjoy

Info about module:

compiled from source

CFLAGS="-O3 -march=i486 -mtune=i686" ./configure --prefix=/usr --build=i486-Slackware-linux

added kdm session manager file so the e16 is listed on the kdm login screen.

This module requires:
Slax Core 6.1.2


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