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plotmtv-1.4.1 is a program that creates graphs.

I mainly use it to create x,y plots of scientific data.

You can easily zoom to a specific part of the graph.

You can also have the output as a postscript .ps file.



If it does not draw the graph because of X11 fonts missing, then

in this case you must also load the module "X core fonts: misc and cursor"

from the slax modules repository. File: font-misc-misc-and-cursor-1.0.0.lzm


Hint: When you finish the installation and it draws the graphs properly,

then for your daily usage you can use my command:

plotmtv-beau filename(s)

to draw the graphs in nicer colors. Maximize window and turn grid on.

You can read the manual and further instructions with:

man plotmtv


I hope you will find this program useful. It was created by Kenny Toh.

George Moraitis / May 2011.


This module requires:
Slax Core 6.1.2
Slax Xorg 6.1.2


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