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Warning: This module is not verified yet and thus it is not recommended to use it. Do not trust it until it is reviewed. That can take several days or even months, so please be patient.
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Original posting:July 21 2011
updated: July 23 2011

Shredder is just what the name says, a shredder for digital documents. Shredder should work properly on any non-journaling file system such as fat,ext or ext2. It may not work properly on journaling types such as ext3,ext4 or reiserfs , but will still remove the files. Unfortunately files on journaling type systems may be recoverable (this has not been tested).

It is designed to permanently remove all types of files or directory of files from your hard drive, but will also remove any file or directory in 'aufs' just like delete. It is actually a front-end to shred which is already in 'slax'.

How does it work?
When given a file or directory, it list all files recursively then shreds them one at a time until the entire list is done. Then it removes the empty directory. Once started it runs entirely in the background, allowing you to continue working.

How to use:
Shredder is on the KDE menu under utilities. Just click on the icon, then select 'file' or 'folder'(everything in the folder will be shredded),navigate to the item you want removed.

Important CAUTIONS:
Any file removed with this can NEVER be recovered. This is alpha software and may have serious bugs. Use at your own risk.

Known bugs:
Will not remove an empty directory. (I am not sure this needs fixing, as delete does just as good a job for this).

This module requires:
Slax Core 6.1.2


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